gym Set-Up

Arrive at the gym at least 30 minutes prior to the first game.

Set up includes all of the following:

  • First, place sign "Please pay admission fees in concessions" on gate table (located in clear gate box in concessions under counter by door. After completing the rest of the gym setup duties, return to the table and sign can be placed back in box. See below for additional Gate instructions.

  • Damp sweeping gym floor with large dust broom located either in the janitor closet or in the gym.

Fold towel and moisten towel with water from janitor closet sink. Place the folded damp towel under the broom and sweep half the gym court. Refold the damp towel with the clean side out and finish the rest of the court.

  • Setting up water coolers for the teams. Water coolers and cups for both teams are located in concessions. Fill coolers with water from the janitor’s closet sink and place near each team's bench on the wooden perch.

Setting up Gate and Taking Gate Fees

Retrieve clear gate box from concessions under counter by door. A board member will bring you the money bag.

Set up gate at table in front of main entrance.

  • Remove gate fee signs from box and display.

  • Display gate fee sign on the table in front of door where worker will sit.

  • Keep job description notebook at counter for other workers to consult with questions.

30 minutes before game time: Receive gate fees until the gate worker for the first game arrives. See the Gate description for more details.