Concessions Service & Closing

  • **If you are working the first game of the night, please arrive 15 minutes BEFORE the first game starts.**
  • If you are working any other game, you are expected to be in the concessions at the start of the game that you are working.

Upon arrival, workers must wash their hands with soap and water. Then, learn about concession offerings before current workers leave.

  • Workers must use gloves when handling items that are not packaged.
  • Check the fridge before opening any new perishable items.
  • Restock concessions items as needed.
  • Place a note in the concessions box if an item runs out.
  • FAMILY TABS---HAWKS families may run a tab payable at the end of the evening.
    • Record last name, items purchased, and their prices.
    • Gate fees may also be included on this tab.
    • Remind families to pay toward the end of the last game.
  • LAST GAME----Start the process of packing up concessions around the middle of the last game. Concessions will remain open, however, until the game is over. Be ready to service customers.

Packing Up/Close Actions

  • Ask the gate person for
    • the money bag—put with concessions money box.
    • the gate box—put with concessions box.
    • a list of families who placed gate fees on tab. Compare this with the family tab list you have in concessions. Add family name or gate fee if needed.