Damp Sweeping Court

  1. Damp Sweeping the court may be done at various times during home game nights. For now, damp sweeping will be done every 2 games, between games. Volunteers for this job are expected to be available prior to the assigned game and not at a specific time. 3 minutes prior to Damp Sweep Duty game, retrieve broom and prepare towel so sweeping may begin as soon as previous game is complete.

For Example: Brown and Green are assigned to damp sweep for 18U Boys

game at 7:10. The 18U Girls game is the prior game, so with 3 minutes left of the

18U Girls game, Brown and Green volunteers go to the custodial closet and get

the brooms and dampened towels and stand ready to sweep the court as soon as

the buzzer signals the completion of the previous game. Brown and Green may

have to dodge players leaving the court, but waiting for the court to clear takes

too long.

  1. Broom(s) and towels(s) are located in the custodial closet or the brooms could be in the gym.

Fold towel(s) and moisten towel(s) with water from custodial closet sink. Place the folded damp towel under the broom and sweep half the gym court starting at center court. Both volunteers should begin at center court and work towards the ends. Refold the damp towel (as needed) with the clean side out and finish the rest of the court. Any dust and debris not attached to towel should be swept to one of the recessed areas (alcoves) of the gym. Please return the nasty towel and broom to the custodial closet.

Please visit CHAAMP Hawks FB page for video instruction on how to damp sweep the court.