Supply Closets

CHAAMP Supply Closet

The CHAAMP supply closet is located inside the room on the east end of the gym. [This room is used as the Hawks locker room.] Upon entering the room, the closet is to the left in the corner of the room.

Contents: CHAAMP sports equipment, score table box, concessions supplies, Hawks and sponsor banners and Swiffer mop and pads.

West Gym Closet

This closet is located in the west corner of the gym.

Contents: Score table, water stands and mats, and trash cans. Possibly ice chests.

CCMP Janitorial Closet

The janitorial closet is located in the foyer to the right (if you are looking out at the parking lot) of the main entrance.

Contents: Cleaning supplies, trash bags, toilet paper, and bathroom paper towels.

***All items in the janitorial closet are marked with blue or green duct tape.

  • Blue tape denotes bathroom use only.
  • Green tape denotes non-bathroom locations.